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Unusual Cuvées


Red Moon

A beautiful amber color and surprising aromas of small red fruits for a mellow wine. Charming, he will take you to the stars. Aperitif, foie gras, red fruit and chocolate desserts.

Chaud Lapin.jpeg

Hot Bunny

It's a naughty wine, to share with friends. Serve chilled at any time: as an aperitif, on a dish, with tapas or with cheese. A joker, he will gradually reveal himself ... and warm up the evening!



Neither white nor black, but a dry blanc de noir obtained by direct pressing of the Pinot Noir bunches.
It has a beautiful amber color, magnificent fruit aromas, the mouth is full ... You will be won over!



It is an orange wine, the nose is fruity and recalls the Pinot Gris grape variety, the color is a beautiful raspberry red color. On the palate, the wine is dry, full-bodied with light melted tannins.

L'indien SImonis.tiff

The Indian

OVNI (Unidentified Wine Object): The Indian is a dry vinified gewurztraminer, in barrels, after a 7-day maceration. All the aromas of gewurztraminer with a structured, slightly tannic palate. 

As an aperitif with chorizo, with spicy cuisine or hard cheeses.

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