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The Kennel vineyard owned since the Middle Ages by the monks of Saint Victor under the name of the priory of Saint Pierre. The estate was bought in 1932 by the great-grandfather KENNEL, installed as a cooper in the region.


He was the first to renew the 35ha of the vineyard by replanting plots, which are currently the oldest. The vineyard is located in the alluvial valley at the foot of the village of PIERREFEU DU VAR.


Benefiting both from the sediments deposited over the centuries and from the privileged sunshine of our region, its land is a wealth that is revealed through the different vintages that we produce.


Born from typically Provençal grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, combined with grape varieties bringing finesse and bouquet such as Rolle and Cinsault, the wines produced on the estate fully express the character of the Côtes de Provence.


The vineyard is now run by the 4th generation of winegrowers: Mireille and Julien.

The wines are organic and we also have a biodynamic range and natural wines. 

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